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Comercial AC Services

Comercial AC Services

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METAFOR provides high performance commercial AC services in and around Muscat. We help companies provide efficient ventilation and cooling for their customers. Call Metafor if you are looking for effective commercial AC repairs and installation at a competitive price.



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To business enterprises and organisations, we offer a wide range of services, from commercial air conditioners through to brand new central heating and cooling systems to reparations to commercial plumbing. Our efforts are guaranteed and our customers in all operations are fully satisfied. Our employees serve companies in Muscat and surrounding areas.



Business Customers


Many companies in Muscat can trust on our commercial company services. Metafor remains 24/7 ready to help companies around our culture.


Our company serves in sectors to:


  • Hotels and Motels

  • Apartment Complexes

  • Retail Outlets

  • Restaurants

  • Educational Institutions

  • Government Agencies

  • Office Building, and More!



We aspire to be your partner in air conditioning service. Businesses in this region cannot afford to last without air conditioning for longer periods. Our rapid, 24/7 emergency supports managers to keep business premises comfortable year-round.




Call today or contact us online to schedule commercial air conditioning service in Muscat. We’re available 24/7!