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AC Repair

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Metafor has over decades of experience with the air conditioning repair services required by homeowners and business owners. To keep your business comfortable, we provide a wide range of AC services. We will help and fix your issues if your AC systems are become unreliable and stop working.





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Tips You Should Know About AC Units

It is important that your devices, particularly during hot days, are working correctly. Because of the desert climate in Oman, AC systems are often plagued by intense heat and sand. In addition, the improper installation of units could reduce machine life and cost you more than it should be. Our trained professionals can detect most malfunctions of the AC unit.


Common Indications your AC needs repair:
    • Unusual sounds or smells
    • AC won`t turn on or runs unpredictably
    • Not blowing cold air
    • Water leaking
    • Moisture occurrence around the unit
    • High energy consumptions


Let Us Help You!

Malfunction of AC units could be very costly, so that it is extremely important the system is tested as quickly as possible. Our team will work with you on how to fix the AC issues cost-effectively and efficiently. Rather than replacement, maintenance and repair of minor problems are our focus. We are willing to help! We are prepared!






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